Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Avoid Over-Indulging

When eating packaged products, measure out your portions ahead of time so you won't over indulge. It is very easy to think you are eating a single serving when a package can possibly contain 2 or more. So ... when you buy a new box of cereal, granola, almonds, etc., measure out individual servings and put each one into a separate zip lock bag. Then, stick the zip lock bags back into the product's original box. Now, every time you crave that food you will know exactly how much a serving is without spending the time the measure it out, and without taking the risk of over indulging. This is especially helpful when bringing food to school or work.

For example: I measure out bags of 1/4 cup granola to add to my yogurt, which has become my typical mid-morning snack at work. I keep the bags of granola near my desk, and when it comes time to reach for the yogurt I grab a bag of granola to go with it and know I have exactly the right amount for one serving size. Now I'm satisfied, I don't over-eat, and I know it works!


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