Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Body Screams "No More Junk!"

I swore to myself that this week I would get back on track to the healthy and fit lifestyle I worked so hard to keep over the past 9 months, but temptation got has gotten the best of me so far -- and I'm angry! (However, anger might be good for the fight I'm about to give back. Are you ready temptation? You're gonna get what's coming to you -- a health kick like you've never seeeeen! Muahahaha).

Sitting at work today my legs are uncomfortable inside my jeans that are fitting just a bit too snug. Also, my stomach hurts -- I can feel it rumbling and burning, eeeek. I am on the fourth day of an overpowering headache, and I'm so tired I can hardly keep my head up. I've taken 4 Advil so far today, which is more than I've taken over the past 6 months combined. I NEVER feel this nasty ... until now. Why?

I am convinced that these horrible symptoms are the cause of a care-free diet that has become practically devoid of any physical activity. My body isn't used to being treated this way and it is screaming at me to stop. My motivation to work out is practically gone, where in the past my body craved a good workout. Instead, I am craving junk food instead of the gym -- it has become an unhealthy addiction that I need to kick! But I can do it. I HAVE to do it if I want to get my energy back! (Not to mention my health and being as fit as I was two weeks ago for the pageant. Yikes!)

That being said, you've heard it here first folks. It's time to get serious. No more yucky processed foods, no more sugary treats, no more over sized meals. It all stops now and you're my witnesses! I've been reading about some tricks to get fit online and I intend to utilize them. I'll keep you posted on what's working and what's not so you can try them too!

I know for many people the new year brings resolutions to get in shape, lose weight, regain our health and become overall better people. But I say ... why wait? January 1st is still weeks away and our lives are happening now! We need to treat our bodies right NOW, and we need to do it the healthy way. So lets go. Are you with me?

Food and workout plans coming tomorrow.


Matt said...

You can do it! I may have to join ya in this "healthy" thing soon. It is always easier when you have a partner to hold you accountable :)

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