Thursday, December 3, 2009

8 Most Addicting Foods

I was reading articles on Yahoo! today and laughed when I came across this one -- it's sooooo true!

1. Dark Chocolate M&M's -- Holy cow are those addicting. But you know what else is addicting in the M&M family? Their new M&M's with PEANUT BUTTER IN THE MIDDLE!!! Ohmygosh those things are dangerous. Yum yum yum. I want some right now!

2. Guacamole -- I LOOOOVE guacamole, but I can never stop there. I like to drown my chips in guacamole, sour cream and salsa all mixed together in a beautiful trio of colors from the Italian flag. Wait ... that doesn't make sense. They should relate to the Spanish flag! Regardless, it's simply delightful -- and addicting. *Hint: Never try making guacamole with an avocado that isn't ripe. I attempted this once and thought if I stuck it in the blender it would come out OK (since it was too difficult for me to mash up myself). I ended up eating guacamole beads. Yuck on the texture and yuck on the taste. Take my advice and wait for those little babies to ripen.

3. Popcorn -- OK forget the butter ... just go to Garrett's Popcorn Shop on Michigan Avenue and get delicious cheesy-caramel popcorn mixed together! Uh oh ... why did I even start thinking about these foods. Now I want to run down and buy a bag. Seriously, if you haven't tried Garrett's you just haven't tried popcorn.

4. Rolos

5. French Fries

6. PopChips

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies -- MY WEAKNESS!!!! Someone from college gave me a recipe that includes using crisco (!), making them so amazingly delicious, but soooo amazingly full of guilt! The incredible taste is almost worth the damage they do to my arteries. Err, actually ... now that I put it that way, maybe not.

8. Ice Cream -- I like to go topping-wild when it comes to ice cream. My picture perfect bowl of ice cream would include chocolate ice cream mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie pieces that have been warmed up, cherry pie filling, about 26 scoops of sprinkles, chocolate fudge, tons of nuts, tons tons toooons of whipped cream, and some peanut butter. And in case you're wondering ... YES, all of those flavors DO taste great together!! :)


greencake said...

1. yep
2. yep
3. definitely
4. of course
5. my personal fave
6. what are popchips??
7. crisco? very nice!
8. yep

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