Monday, June 7, 2010

A Weekend of Fun Events

Things really got exciting this past weekend. First, on Saturday … my dance partner and I rehearsed for the local dancing with the stars competition over and over and over. It got to be soooo much fun once we started getting the moves with the music. Its so nice to have our choreography come together with the song and I just can’t wait to get on stage this Saturday! We’re doing a salsa/rumba dance to a piece by the Four Seasons. It’s so sexy and sensual, but so fun and exciting. I think it’s really going to get the crowd going … but may make my boyfriend a bit nervous, haha. Brandon (my dance partner) has really helped me to feel my body with the music. He is teaching me how to expose my sexuality with dance, and to capture the moment in a captivating and sensual way that will excite the audience. I never thought to utilize my body this way with dancing, and it’s has been a truly amazing new experience. But truly, my boyfriend has nothing to be nervous about – he’s going to loooove our dance so much he’s going to want to become a dancer himself!

On Sunday, I attended an event for Athletes Against Drugs held by Stedman Graham. I was instantly thrust into a room jam packed with celebrities and loved every moment of it. The event was amazing, but sadly, I’m so bad at knowing celebrities I really didn’t even know who the heck I was meeting – what a waste of a ticket on me!! At one point I was talking to a group of really huge men and was thinking to myself, “Oh geez, this is probably the whole starting line of the Chicago Bears and I don’t even know it!” I didn’t know who Stedman Graham was either at first, and when Oprah walked in I was like, “Err, whoops!” I met one of the members of Destiny’s Child, an actor who is up and coming in a bunch of hit television series, the head honchos of many major organizations such as FedEx, Sara Lee and more, and my all time favorite … Mr. Jim Oberweis, founder and owner of Oberweis Dairy. I actually sat next to him for dinner which is why I’m so excited about it. Number one, the man specializes in ice cream – is there anything not to love about that? And number two, he is about to take a trip abroad with his wife in which he will spend a few days in Rome. Between ice cream and Rome, I don’t think there is much else in my life that I just truly, truly love with all my heart. This man made my whole night, and he was such a nice person too. He gave me a pass for free ice cream at Oberweis!! I mean, that was a deal maker. Mr. Oberweis – you’re da man.

OK but for those of you who don't know ... here's a little bit of history of Athletes Against Drugs. AAD is an organization of athletes, celebrities, and corporate leaders whose goals are to educate youth in making good (and healthy) life choices. Their goal is to allow drug-free athletes to influence and become positive role-models for children. Athletes Against Drugs offers great alternatives to drugs including events and activities that will help children become part of a team, or reach a personal goal – something that will get them off the street and away from drugs. It is such a wonderful cause that I am thrilled I had the chance to be a part of. I am excited to know how strong and large of a support system they have with athletes, celebrities and corporate leaders. If it can get me excited, I’m sure it can definitely get kids excited and hopefully help to point them down the right path.

Well, that’s a wrap of the weekend. It was a good one … but this coming weekend will be fun too when I get to “dance with the stars!” I can’t wait!


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