Friday, June 4, 2010

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last night.

I dreamt that I had soooo many hair extensions, and therefore my hair was just humongous. I was in the shower shampooing it all, and suddenly it all just started falling out. I pulled clumps and clumps of hair extensions out of my hair, but I was OK with it because I knew there was so much left I wouldn't miss anything. When I got out of the shower I looked in the mirror to see pieces of mold in different mushroom-like shapes growing out of the hair that had been underneath the extensions! It seems that I had so much hair that the under-hair had never fully dried after washing it all that time, and was growing mold. Now that all of the extensions fell out I saw the mold and knew something had to be done. However, the mold was everywhere do I ended up shaving my head completely!!

Weird dream. And who knows where that craziness came from. Maybe I fell asleep thinking about new hairstyles ... although, I don't think I'm ready to shave my head just yet. =P

Random, but I hope you enjoy my dreamy madness! I wonder if hair really can grow mold if it doesn't dry for weeks and weeks. Maybe next time I get a hair cut I'll throw some in a plastic bag and find out. Err, OK this is getting a bit strange now. Maybe I won't do that. =)


Coach Mike said...

Gee Ashley what did you eat before going to bed??? Is this PPS (Post Pagent Syndrome) catching up with you? :-) Don't shave your head, it didn't do much for Demi Moore or Sinead O'Connor!

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