Friday, June 4, 2010

New Goals

I have been itching for something interesting to blog about since my last post was well over a week ago -- for days I didn't think I had much to tell. I guess I just couldn't come up with something clever ... although it may have been a reflection of my attitude, which had been floating down into the dumps of self-pity since returning from the Miss USA competition. After all, it is such a difficult realization to work hours every day, focusing toward a goal you want so badly, just to have it end in the blink of an eye. Returning home, my life was still there and all the wonderful things that accompany it, but there was some large piece just missing.

Over the past week I have been trying to figure out the root of all of my blue moods. I think I just needed something to strive for -- a new goal if you will. So I found one! I have decided to use the skills I gained while preparing for Miss Illinois USA and Miss USA to influence and help other women. However, I am going to take it slowly. If there is anything I have learned through all of this, it is that rushing things just causes you to do it at a lower quality than you should. I want to do this right, and slowly but surely, I think I will.

So what is my new goal that is going to help other women? I am going to sell make-up! LOL! I have taken three excellent make-up lessons from two professional artists in Chicago as well as one artist in Houston. I have also received many free products to try, tips from the experts, have made fabulous contacts in the beauty industry, and have had plenty of events and reasons to practice on myself and my friends. I feel that if me, the girl who didn't know what to do with a stick of liquid eye-liner a little over a year ago, can utilize make-up to help build my confidence as a young woman ... then anyone can. And I want to help them! Literally, I wouldn't have been caught dead using false eyelashes in 2008, and last month I was asked to do make-up for two girls for their prom. WHERE did this talent come from?! I don't know, but I like it!

So as a bit of self promotion I will let you know ... if anyone would like to take a make-up lesson utilizing the products I have found to work well and that have proven themselves to me, please let me know. I am planning to host a few get togethers in the coming months, particularly for the girls who are preparing to compete in the Miss Illinois USA competition in November.

I'm so excited for my new venture, and I'm glad to have a new goal. Not only do goals give us something to be excited about, but they give us a reason to get up in the morning and work hard! They give us the push we need to be excited and energized about our talents and opportunities, and boy oh boy, I sure am excited and energized. I'm so glad to be out of my rut!!

Happy Friday ladies and gents. It's going to be a beautiful day!


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