Friday, June 11, 2010

BlackHawk Fever!

Chicago is a madhouse! I took an early train in today because we were supposed to have an early meeting at 9, and although the meeting totally didn't start yet I'm glad I came early because it is CRAZY on the streets!

The reason it is nuts is because there is a parade today celebrating the Chicago Blackhawk's win Wednesday night when they took home the Stanley Cup. The streets are totally painted red with people and their clothing and banners supporting the Hawks. Even the fountain at Daley Plaza is dyed red!

There are police and barricades along the path of the parade. The event doesn't start until 10:30am, but when I walked through around 8am and it was packed. I can't imagine what it's like right now at 9:30!

This is a very exciting day for Chicago Hawk's fans. I can hear sirens going off constantly from my office and I wonder if its for emergencies or just crowd control and excitement. Looking out my window now, you can't even see the sidewalks -- its all just people in red. So exciting!!



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