Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Impresses Upon You?

I have attended multiple different events over the past two weeks, and have a few more to do before this week is up. During my "travels," if you will, I've been meeting a multitude of fascinating people, some of whom still stick out in my mind and some who I have already forgotten -- even those I know I probably met this morning. Whoops! But this made me wonder ... what grabs peoples' attentions to make a lasting impression??

I am leaving for the Miss USA Pageant in 47 days. That means I only have 47 days to prepare myself in soooo many aspects of my life, many of which no one but myself can help me with. However, this one I am turning to YOU for ... my wonderful readers. When I step off that airplane in Las Vegas, I will instantly become a sort of zoo animal for everyone there to watch and observe to try and get to know me -- they must determine if I will make a quality Miss USA. But there are going to be 50 other women there vying for the same prestigious title. SO WHAT DO I DO TO SET MYSELF APART?!?!

So if you will ... please think about it. What kinds of personalities or actions have left a lasting impression on you? Is it the people who are the most helpful? Is it the people who are overly happy and jolly? Is it someone who told you a great joke? Is it someone who dressed well? What is it? I feel that for me, the people who tend to stand out the most are those that show a genuine enthusiasm for life. Well, that, or the people who are crazy, lol! However, I do love to be around people who are living for the moment, have a curiosity that explodes from within them, and who can lighten up a room -- whether it be with her smile, her attitude or her actions. However, this is broad. I need to really pin it down and know what makes a LASTING impression. Any suggestions will do guys, so please comment back!

Truth be told, I am a terrible faker, and it's easy to read when someone is faking it -- especially me. In the end, I can only be myself, otherwise I'm going to flop ginormously and that won't be good for anything. However, its still an interesting topic to think about what kinds of people and/or personalities catch others' attentions. I can't wait to hear what some of you think!!


Nicole Huber said...

This is a very interesting topic to ponder!As far as Miss USA, be you!That's what helped you obtain the title of Miss Illinois USA.It's what will lead to success at Miss USA!

Kay said...

Be unexpected! I know as a pageant participant, so many girls are alike and generic. I know something must have set you apart, you're Miss Illinois! The people I remember have quirks - just something small that makes them unique. Best of luck! :)

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