Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's 15 Degrees, Lets Jump Into Lake Michigan!

Saturday afternoon Lexi and I did something we never dreamed we would. We journeyed afar, trekking through mounds of cold, toe-numbing slush, mountains of white frosty snow, fearlessly battling the powerful Midwestern winds against our cheeks and the sub-zero temperatures, all while styling our teeny weeny bikinis.

OK well, it may not have gone juuuuust like that. But we did jump into Lake Michigan at the end of February. I guess if anything you could call us "nuts," instead of "adventurous!" :)

Helping to raise money for the Special Olympics, Lexi and I bared all as we entered the water. With a running start, we splashed the way up to our waists before losing all feeling in our bodies. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought since I couldn't feel anything! Aboooouuuuut ... 2 seconds later I was completely wet and was now being splashed by the other plungers. I decided to make a run straight to the heated tent to take my soaking, freezing shoes off! Sticking on some warmer (and dryer) boots, Lexi and I then posed for pictures on the beach. I think the worst part was not actually being in the icy water (yes, there was ice where we were), but standing next to it with the wind against us while we tried to smile in our swimsuits wondering "WHY AM I OUTSIDE IN FEBRUARY IN MY SWIMSUIT!?" Oh yes, for a good cause. That's right!

It was a wonderful experience, and with over 200 plungers in attendance I realized just how important the Special Olympics truly are and how much it means to people. I hope very much to be able to get involved more in this amazing cause ... but perhaps not in my swimsuit again until at least May 1st!


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