Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Over Training, aaaah!!!

I started doing Bikram Yoga last Thursday, which is yoga performed in a room that is heated at 105 degrees. I did it Thursday and Friday following my regular morning workout. Then on Saturday I ran the football stadium bleachers at the local highschool. After that I ran a quick mile and went on to lift leg weights for a little over an hour. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to stretch because I had to get ready for Earth Hour. Then Sunday morning I ran thirteen miles on the treadmill at the gym and did yoga again later in the day. By Sunday night, my calves were so mad at me I couldn't move. Literally, COULD. NOT. MOVE. Monday morning came, I crawled my way to the gym to meet Toni for our morning workout, and was in so much pain I could hardly stand. She demanded I stretch it out, take a warm bath, and stay off my legs for awhile. Later Monday night I saw my cousin, who is a phenomenal massage therapist and the new owner of Six Essentials Therapy in Orland Park. She rubbed out my calves for over an hour, barely able to touch them. She said I was "ridiculous," and that I should definitely try to take some time off to let them recover.

And now sadly, its Tuesday morning and I still can't really move. I talked to Toni this morning and she thinks it may have been yoga that overdid it. It's odd that the stairs and running would have put me in this much pain, because I do that stuff almost every day. However, yoga was newly introduced to my body only last week. Its odd for me to think yoga did this to me, but then again, it is in a hot room allowing me to stretch and move much further than I normally can. Perhaps I pushed myself too far and didn't realize I had done it. Anywho, YIKES! My body!!!! I hope I don't gain too much weight taking a few days off. I'm so nervous! Friday I'll be fitted in my evening gown so it can be tailored for Miss USA!! I was hoping to be ready by then, but with the next few days stuck on the couch, I don't see that happening. 4 weeks and 4 days left until I leave! I better not over train again, huh? This is nuts!


Matt said...

You can still do situps, pushups, and stuff like that! I had a similar problem not long ago and I focused on doing exercises that didn't involve me using my injured knee :)

sinelaborenihi said...

Try swimming some laps at your local pool... it's cardio while being low-impact on your legs. Do some freestyle & backstroke using mainly your arms. Hope that helps in some way =)

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