Monday, March 8, 2010

Mr. Nice Guy

I had a bit of a rough week last week. Seriously, nothing seemed to be going right, everything was hitting at once, and by Thursday … I most definitely cracked. During work on Friday I was a zombie. I couldn’t focus on the jobs I had to finish and I couldn’t think about my day. All I wanted was to be at home or with a friend. It was terrible, but the worst part was – nothing was making it better! I tried thinking happy thoughts. I tried calling my mom to talk it out. I even tried *dun dun dun* eating chocolate!!! My number one no-no, but number one stress killer! Even that didn’t help. Sleep was the only thing I hadn’t tried, but the chairs in our office aren’t that comfortable.

Anyway …

Friday evening as my train was pulling into the 143rd street station where I stood waiting to exit, I waited contently, ready to get home so I could let out the tears in the privacy of my own bedroom. I didn’t wear the negativity on my face, but inside I felt like screaming. Just as the train doors were about to open, a nice older man noticed the heavy suitcase I had lugged with me to work that day. Kindly, he said, “Excuse me, I would be happy to lift that down off the train for you if you’d like.” It was a very nice and unnecessary gesture that came completely out of nowhere. However, that one kind gesture made me smile bigger and longer than I had smiled all the days that week. Just one kind act from a stranger brightened my spirits and made me remember all of the goodness around me. It helped to remind me that life really isn’t that bad when you look at the big picture. My petty little problems that had been ruining my week were not all that important, and in fact, there are people all over the place who are there for me – even strangers!! As I got off the train, I thanked him sincerely and smiled all the way to my car. ☺

My lesson to you is this – never undervalue someone. You don’t know what he or she has been through, or how he or she is feeling. Please do your part to bring a smile to others, because you never know the incredible impact it could have on them. It certainly did for me! It was effortless for that man to life my suitcase off the train, and I totally could have managed it myself. However, it was kind, and I appreciated it.

So thanks, Mr. Nice Guy. I wish I knew your name so I can tell you how you turned my dreary evening into a lovely one. Instead, I’ll pay it forward. How does that sound?


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