Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dinner at the Paris Hotel

Tonight we had a welcome ceremony at the Planet Hollywood resort. We were introduced one by one, and were given the opportunity to announce our name and state. At the end, the reigning Miss USA, Kristen Dalton, came through and gave a short talk. We all posed for pictures and said some things for the news station cameras, but were sadly shocked when one of the contestants passed out. It was very hot outside, and we were standing for a very long time. I'm not exactly sure why she fainted, but it could have been due to standing with locked legs. Regardless, it was shocking, we were all very nervous for her, but in the end, everything turned out alright. WHEW!

The welcome ceremony was cool because crowds were gathering to see the contestants and to hoot and holler at their home states. We smiled and waved, cheered for each other and had a great time. Following the ceremony we split into groups for dinner. I got to go to Paris for dinner. We did a meet and greet, and then had the most amaaaaazingly delicious meal EVER! I wish it weren't so good because I just ate and ate and ate. Mmmmm! I'm going to have to do a tooon of cardio tomorrow to make up for this. Yikes! It's OK, I'll be fine. The swimsuit preview is only 6 days away. AH! I can't wait! Being at Miss USA is the most awesome thing in the world. I'm soooo excited to be here!!!!

More to come, I have so much to say but I have to get to bed for an early start tomorrow. Good night ladies and gents!


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