Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Queen Gone Mad

Take away my title as Miss Illinois USA ... I think I've earned a new one. I officially proclaim myself the QUEEN of "wants what she can't have." Goodness gracious, now this is a title I can say I live my life by. YIKES!

Let me tell you a story. One day, my boyfriend and I were on our way to the movie theater. Having had eaten salads for the past 30 some meals straight, I reaaaaaally wanted to splurge on something "bad." We happened to pass a KFC restaurant on the way, and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I begged him to pull in and order two grilled chicken legs. And like the well trained, er ... I mean ... kind-hearted boyfriend that he is, he stopped.

When the server handed him my order through the car window, I jumped up and down with delight as I asked him to hand me the bag. "No, you can have it when we get to the movie theater and eat it there," was his response. I. FREAKED. OUT. Like a crazed maniac, I demanded he give me the chicken using a forceful tone in my voice that had never, in our four years of dating, EVER been used before. His glance at me turned to fear, but he still refused me the chicken. I was soooo angry with him I thought I would scream. First of all, I HATE when people tell me I can't do something, and secondly, when someone denies me food, I REALLY HATE IT. He was doing both. I was about to kill him.

This is a prime example ... I wanted what I couldn't have. YOU SEE -- It was bad for me to want fast food, but I only wanted it because I knew I couldn't have it. The same thing happened after the Miss USA Pageant. I wanted ice cream soooooo much, but when it came down to eating it, it was no longer everything I imagined it to be. And today, when I was walking through the grocery store, going down the cookie isles where I've longed to travel for months and months, I suddenly couldn't find anything appealing. At least not as appealing as it had been a few weeks prior. I feel like now that I'm ALLOWED to eat those things, I don't even want them. Instead, I want salad. WHAT?! Well, don't worry ... I can actually eat salad with dressing now. It's amazing!! Food food food, when did you become such a wild obsession of mine? Geez Louise.


Angela said...

I so enjoy reading your blog (as I have all year) - I just have to say I actually spit out my coffee when I read this today!

The KFC chicken, the cookie aisle - so true. I too have been dieting all year - and once I finally allow myself to have something that I have been dreaming about - it just is never as good as I thought it would be.

My favorite taco place is in my hometown outside of Buffalo, NY...and once I knew I was heading up there - I could not wait to get my teeth into my favorite burrito...then once I had it on my plate and took a few bites - just wasn't that good.

Then I gave up Diet Coke for lent and craaaavvvveeeedddd it the entire 40 days - esp from a fountain. Then a few days after Easter I went to McDonalds to get one - and again so disappointed - think I only had another once since. I totally get it.

Ashley said...

Hahaha, thank you for the comment!! That stinks about the diet coke, but I'm soooo glad someone understands. Its such a bummer when our realities aren't as wonderful as our dreams!

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