Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wow. It’s Thursday – only three more days until the adventure begins. All of my efforts over the past several months are finally coming together, and I simply cannot wait to get to Vegas. The excitement is out of control!

For everyone who has called, texted, sent me emails, written on my facebook wall, etc., your kind words are what remind me why I wanted to do this in the first place. I cannot begin to describe how heart warming this is for me, knowing what a great support system I have. I hope I do you proud at Miss USA!

So my wardrobe is set and my evening gown is complete. I’m still waiting on the earrings that are being made for me, but I should be able to pick them up tomorrow! Now its just time to pack, get myself mentally prepared, and maybe, possibly, if I’m really feeling good … take some time to sleep before the two weeks of busy-ness commences. AH! I cannot wait. Its going to be so busy and so nuts … but so incredibly amazing!! If time allows, I will be certain to write as much as possible while I’m there to keep you updated on all of the behind-the-scenes action. :)

I can’t believe its here I can’t believe its here I can’t believe its here!!!! I’m soooo excited!


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