Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm up late thinking about all the things I have to do to prepare for Vegas. I leave next weekend already, I can't believe it! I need sleep so much, but I'm so excited I can hardly keep my eyes closed! Also ... I keep having weird dreams about the crown, lol. Last night it was the crowning moment at Miss USA, but no one could find the crown so they had to use a plastic one for the time being. Gosh, I want to do well at this event. I've worked so hard and have been so passionate about doing my best, I just hope it pays off!

The only things I have left to do are practice interview, practice walking in my evening gown (it arrived to my house today, ahh!), and finish off my wardrobe. A lot of girls ship things to Vegas beforehand, and if I'm going to do so the shipping company suggests putting it in the mail no later than Tuesday. That's only 4 days away, YIKES! I've been talking to my roommate, Miss Iowa USA, about what we can coordinate for the trip, but there is still soooo much to bring for two weeks of appearances and rehearsals! :)

Bottom line, I'm so so so excited. It's so close now ... only days away! Now if I could only get some rest ... zzzzzzz.


Kay said...

Good Luck Ashley! I've been following your blog and think you'll be such a great Miss USA! I'll definitely be routing for you! Best of luck! Go Illinois!

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