Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last night I was recognized by the City of Lockport and their Mayor at the executive board meeting. It was great to see members of the community so excited about the local girl gaining the title of Miss Illinois USA ... I guess I am the first one in this town to do so!

They allowed me to say some words, and then they presented me with a certificate that I feel is completely awesome. It is titled, "'Person you should know' certificate of recognition." Hah! I'm a 'person you should know.' AWESOME! Then it states, "This certificate of recognition is presented to Ashley Bradarich on this 7th day of April, 2010, by the city of Lockport, for your accomplishment in becoming Miss Illinois USA 2010. Congratulations on all of you achievements and best of luck in the Miss USA Pageant and all of your future endeavors." Isn't that so nice?!?!?! It certainly makes me feel good :)

The girls at boot camp are planning to take me out bowling before I leave for Vegas. It's so nice that everyone is expressing their support and excitement as the competition grows nearer. Even as I was getting my nails done today the people at the salon had all kinds of questions for me about "this and that" ... and said how excited they are to watch on May 16th. I hope I'm in the top 15! AH! :)

This is so awesome. I've never been involved in such a community-wide display of excitement. Well, except maybe when the Bears were going to the Super Bowl ... but hey, who can't get excited about that?! And this is so much different. I've poured my heart and soul into being the best I can be ... and I certainly hope it will radiate on that stage when the pageant finally arrives. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!


Coach Mike said...

Well I'm glad I know you!! Congrats on the recognition...

Erin said...

you're going to blow them away!
a few of the pageant girls and i are having a miss usa party just to cheer for you...even though we can't be in vegas, know that all the girls of illinois are rooting for you, rock it, girl! :)

Nicole Huber said...

You'll do great! I'll be watching and rooting for you!

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