Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

Happy 2010! Have all of you been good since the start of the new year? Have you followed your resolutions up to now? Well, I must say ... all of the people in Homer Glen who resolved to join a gym and get back into fitness have most certainly been keeping by their word thus far. Hooooolllly SMOKES was the gym crowded this weekend! I was there three times and not once was I able to get a machine right away. I felt like a stalker ... watching the patrons on the equipment I wanted until they got off, hoping I could be the first person to jump on next. Geesh! It did get me thinking though -- what can you do when you can't get a machine, OR ... when you can't get to the gym at all?

Well, I will admit ... when I get to the gym prepared for a workout with my trainer, Toni, I am the most frightened of what's to come when I show up and the only equipment she has out is a 5 pound dumbbell and a stretch chord. For some reason, working out with my own body weight is just as challenging as when we are pumping iron together, or doing suicides and sprints. It is not difficult to put a body-weight workout together if you know what areas of the body you want to work -- and let me be the first to say, with just that simple dumbbell and stretch chord you can work the whoooooole thing!

Buuuut, don't get too excited, because I haven't gotten a chance to put anything together for you yet. :( Check back soon!


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