Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashley Turns 24

24 was the most uneventful birthday in the history of Ashley Bradarich, which seems a bit odd considering this is probably one of the most exciting years of my life! First, I slept through my alarm from being soooo exhausted and had to take the late train to work. But before that, I walked outside to get my car and found my sister's car had wound up in the ditch because of all the ice and snow on our driveway! I didn't get down there in time to see the car before my dad rescued it ... but here are the afteraffects!

After all that, I made it to work only 30 minutes late, headed to the gym and then pretty much just went to bed. I can't believe how tired I was! However, I did manage to pamper myself on my lunch break from work -- I went and got a delightful and relaxing pedicure ... mmm how I love those! Also, my co-worker Natalie thought it would make my day to play a movie in the background on her computer while we worked ... so we watched the original Willy Wonka. Whatever happened to Veruca Salt? She was such a bad egg.

But anyway ... back to my birthday tale: No one was really home at my house to help me celebrate (which is another oddity because there are 7 people in my family) ... and I was too tired to go out and see friends, lol. When my mom finally came home we had a make-shift celebration which ended up being so lame it was funny and I HAD to take a picture:

Its me, sweaty and gross because I just got home from the gym, sitting at the kitchen counter with no friends and no family, nothing but a simple card, and the only thing we could find in the kitchen that we could get a candle in -- a LEMON. Hahaha. It REALLY was lame. But this weekend we'll be going out to an official birthday dinner at a restaurant of my choice and will be eating delicious cake on which we will try not to burn down the house with all the candles for this old lady! Hehe.

I'm just happy to have made it another year, happy and healthy and with wonderful friends and family who are always there for me. And dad ... if you're reading this ... next year all I want for my birthday is a spot in the garage so my car isn't so cold in the morning!! LOL. For all of those not living in Chicago ... it was -2 windchill today. BRRRR!!!!!


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