Sunday, August 15, 2010

Game Time Dine

Thursday evening I had the opportunity to give a live cooking demonstration with DC Crenshaw for "Game Time Dine." I was to prepare, cook, and serve two of my favorite dishes for the live studio audience. I chose to make my home-made pasta noodles with a creamy vodka sauce, as well as crispy golden chicken with potatoes. I wasn't told to bring anything with me to the studio, so I came with nothing by myself (and my camera of course!)

This was to be the final episode for the second season of Game Time Dine, and their first ever live performance. I think it made everyone a little nervous, and sadly, we didn't seem to create the perfect show. However, we had a fabulously fun time doing it, and the viewers both in the studio and watching at home on Facebook seemed to be interested -- they asked a lot of great questions.

One question that came up a few times for me was how I choose to eat when I am prepping for a competition such as when I was getting ready to compete for Miss Illinois USA and Miss USA. Well, to be honest, it's not very exciting, guys. I try to eat as clean as possible, meaning everything is fresh. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, cottage cheese, etc. Basically, if it doesn't rot in a day or two it shouldn't be going into my body. However, that's what I do when it starts to get down to the wire. There are a lot of great, tasty and filling things you can eat for the months leading up to your competitions that will help your body get itself in the right shape. Check online or at your local bookstore for books like the Flexitarian Diet, Clean Eating, etc. I just take recipes from books like those and try to eat at least three or four times a day along with drinking lots and lots of water. Not only is it good for my body, it's great for my skin too!

Speaking of skin, I remember when I was growing up my mom always told me that I had so many pimples because I ate too much chocolate. I didn't believe it for a second and kept right on eating it ... I just saw a dermatologist to help the problem. However, it seems that mom may have been right (don't tell her I said so though!). When I was clean eating for Miss IL USA and Miss USA I really didn't have any skin problems. BUUUUT, when I got home from Las Vegas after the pageant and ate what I wanted without hesitation, my face looked like a pepperoni pizza. Not only that, but the weight I had worked hard to lose had started to come back. Sooo, I started clean eating again a few weeks ago, and I have already seen a huuuuge improvement in my skin, as well as the fit of my clothes. I hadn't changed my workout routine at all, I simply started eating better and the changes began to take place. This, again, reiterates how important I think a healthy diet is when you are trying to be in great shape. Truly, I could work out for hours and wouldn't have much to show for it if I didn't eat right. The two must work together!!

And now I'm off to the airport. I'm flying to Atlanta tonight on a business trip! I return tomorrow evening and Tuesday morning I move to Chicago. OOOOOH the madness. :) I'm looking forward to very busy and exciting week!!


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