Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reasons you may be overweight

While searching around for good stories on Yahoo! I found some interesting information about simple ways to avoid being/becoming overweight. I thought I should share!

1. Use smaller plates. Men's Health Magazine says that a larger plate tricks your eye into thinking you're not eating as much when you put more food onto the surface (and your mouth!) Try using a smaller plate and you may end up eating less in the end.

2. Don't eat while looking at food. If you are overlooking the buffet or facing the kitchen, turn the other way. The site of food can trick your mind to think you still have to eat more. And when at home, store food in the refrigerator and in the pantry ... keep it off the countertops where you can see it! Another trick ... don't put your food on the kitchen table while you're eating dinner. If you leave it in another area you will have to get up for seconds instead of just grabbing it from right in front of you (when you may not actually be hungry!)

3. You don't have to clean your plate like momma always told you. If you're full with food still remaining on your plate, just call it quits and wrap the rest up for later.

4. Chew to pieces. Overweight people tend to chew less than lean people. Take the time to chew and taste your food slowly before swallowing and moving onto the next bite. You shouldn't feel rushed while you're eating ... take your time and enjoy what you're putting in your body!

5. Don't just dive into the buffet. Take a lap around to see what is offered first. That way you won't fill up on things you don't really want and can avoid overeating.

6. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST! You've heard this a million times, but its true. Men's Health says that skipping breakfast can increase your risk of obesity by 450 percent!! Try to eat some lean protein and fiber will help get your metabolism going while keeping you full until its time for a mid-morning snack or lunch. Think eggs, fiber cereal, protein shake, etc.


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