Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Great Weekend

This last weekend was pretty gosh-darn great. Mom and I took a little weekend get-away to get some business done, and we spent a good amount of time bonding and learning and having lots of fun. Over the course of the weekend we met with a fitness guru who was able to write up a detailed eating plan for me for the next ten weeks as I continue to prepare for Miss USA. It's going to be rough, but as he said, "You can do anything for ten weeks." When I asked him what to do when I got the urge to cheat he said, "Well, people are just people, everyone has to cheat once in awhile. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to the Miss USA Pageant in 10 weeks, so you're not going to [cheat]." WELL! That'll knock me into shape alright!! Gotta be good for ten weeks, ah! Here I go!!!

When Mom and I arrived home we found something to be a little off in the house. First of all, Dad, Carlyn and Lucas were all hovering around the kitchen and entryway ... kinda weird. Then we noticed that there were big wooden boards built to block off all openings between rooms that had carpet. Only the tiled areas had been left open. After about .0003 seconds of wondering what the heck was going on, it came to me -- "OHMYGOSH WE GOT A PUPPY!!!!!" Looking for the little puppy everywhere I was like a kid at Christmastime. Finally, I found the precious little baby asleep in one of the kitty cat's heated beds. She is sooooo tiny and so adorable and is just a complete bundle of energy and excitement. She's so little she can't even really walk right yet, and she stumbles and trips over herself all the time. It really was love at first site. I'm so excited for the new baby!!!

However, the kitties need to get used to her. My stupid 13 pound cats are TERRIFIED of the little 3 pound dog. LOL. I'm sure they'll get used to it eventually. :)

AND HERE SHE IS! Our little booger, Gracie. Mmmmm, so cute!!


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